Studio Pottery Experience

Myles and the team offer a 1.5 hour “Studio Pottery Experience” to those wanting to explore their creativity and ‘skills’ with clay. Yes, it really is as easy as it looks . . . no, it isn’t but why not test yourself and throw some clay on the wheel and learn the basics of making your own small and useful functional bowls?
Playing with clay and its satisfying sensations is what the experience is all about and by the end you will be elbow deep in mud!

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749 Caves Road, Anniebrook, WA

1 Person $150
2 People $150
3 People $150
4 People $195
5 People $240
6 People $285
7 People $330
8 People $375
9 People $420
10 People $465
11 People $510
12 People $555
Family (2 adults and 3 or more kids under 18 of the same family) $195

We cater for larger groups, please get in touch early!

About the Studio Pottery Experience

Each Studio Pottery Experience is a session will take up to 8 people – so book with your family or friends! Please note on the booking calendar that ‘1 Space Available’ means 1 group, not one person!
If you have a bigger group, it is a rotation style and the whole session is yours! You will learn from other people’s mistakes and have a laugh or record the memories you are making – literally.
The sessions are very suitable for a group looking for an activity to share and connect together.

Groups of 4 or less have their own wheel each. This is suitable if you’re looking to get maximum repetitions.

Experience Structure

There is a demo by the teacher. This is followed by the teacher breaking down the throwing practice so you can make your own pot. Then you have a go and the teacher will wander around and help guide your hands if you want, into position so you can feel the way the clay is centred, pulled, pushed and drawn upwards.

There is the opportunity to have your pots trimmed, bisque fired, glazed and fired in some of our favourite glazes. This is an additional cost – about the price of a small dip bowl. Then You can collect them or they can be posted home to you.

Don’t forget the pots shrink through the drying and firing process!

This service takes about 6 weeks and is $25 per piece, not including postage. You decide what to keep or throw on the mash pile on the day!

All age activity!

Pottery is fun for all ages and ability (from 5 years old to 100+ years old). Most of our guests have never tried before, and often the kids are better than the parents! For kids under 8 parental guidance and participation is required. This is mostly because the teachers, while being fun loving hosts, are not amazing at the nuanced skill of childcare! It does warm our hearts to see a child on a parent’s lap making a bowl together.

$150 per group of 1-3 people, $45 for each additional person. Up to 12 people.

Enquire via email for larger groups or customised workshops.

There is a special family package of $195. This is for 2 adults and 3 or more kids under 18 of the same family.

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